Research and Evidence Corner

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2020 Dietary Patterns and Determinants of Pregnant and Lactating Women From Marginalized Communities in India: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study Shantanu Sharma, Faiyaz Akhtar, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Sunil Mehra Frontiers in Nutrition
2020 Evaluation of a community-based intervention for health and economic empowerment of marginalized women in India Shantanu Sharma, Devika Mehra, Faiyaz Akhtar, Sunil Mehra BMC Public Health
2020 Community-based interventions for detection and management of diabetes and hypertension in underserved communities: a mixed-methods evaluation in Brazil, India, South Africa and the USA Luisa S Flor; Shelley Wilson; Paurvi Bhatt; Miranda Bryant; Aaron Burnett; Joseph N Camarda; Vasudha Chakravarthy; Chandrashekhar Chandrashekhar; Nayanjeet Chaudhury; Christiane BMJ Global Health
2020 A Mobile Health Application for Self-Learning on HIV Prevention Knowledge and Services Among Young Indonesian Key Population: Cohort Study Priyanka Rani Garg; Leena Uppal; Sunil Mehra; and Devika Mehra. JMIR mHealth and uHealth
2020 Association between gender disadvantage factors and postnatal psychological distress among young women: A community-based study in rural India Tina Khanna; Priyanka Garg; Faiyaz Akhtar; and Sunil Mehra. Global Public Health
2020 Delivery of Perinatal Mental Health Services by Training Lay Counselors Using Digital Platforms Monisha Lakshminarayanan; Nishtha Kathuria; and Sunil Mehra. Asian Journal of Psychiatry
2020 Dietary Intake across Reproductive Life Stages of Women in India: A Cross-Sectional Survey from 4 Districts of India. Shantanu Sharma; Faiyaz Akhtar; Rajesh Kumar Singh; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism
2020 Dietary Intakes, Patterns, and Determinants of Children Under 5 Years from Marginalized Communities in Odisha: A Cross-sectional Study. Shantanu Sharma; Faiyaz Akhtar; Rajesh Kumar Singh; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health
2020 Effectiveness of Peer-Led Intervention on KAP Related to Sexual Reproductive and Mental Health Issues among Adolescents in Low Resource Settings India: A Comparative Study among Participants and Non-Participants. Kavya P; Sonali Daniel; Shumayla Shumayla; Rajesh Sinha; and Sunil Mehra. Health
2020 Menstrual Hygiene Preparedness Among Schools in India: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of System-and Policy-Level Actions. Shantanu Sharma; Devika Mehra; Nele Brusselaers; and Sunil Mehra. International journal of environmental research and public health
2020 Prioritizing the needs of young people with disabilities in low-and middle-income countries: An evidence-based summary. Shantanu Sharma; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
2020 Progress in adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights globally between 1990 and 2016: what progress has been made, what contributed to this, and what are the implications for the future? Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli; Elsie Akwara; Danielle Engel; Marina Plessons; Mengistu Asnake; Sunil Mehra; Bruce Dick; and Jane Ferguson. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters
2020 Strengthening primary care to address workplace violence against doctors in India. Rachit Sharma; Md Mahbub Hossain; and Priyanka Pawar. Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
2020 Surveillance analysis of the effects of dietary and lifestyle determinants on plasma homocysteine levels by combining the MTHFR C677T polymorphism in a rural North Indian population. Ketaki Chandiok; Mamta Kumari Thakur; Priyanka Rani Garg; N. Kiranmala Devi; and Kallur Nava Saraswathy. Meta Gene
2020 System Level Barriers in Early Initiation of Breastfeeding – Finding from a Cross-sectional Survey in Khagaria District of State Bihar, India. Nishtha Kathuria; Priya Krishnan; Rajesh Kumar Sinha; Theophilus Lakiang; Javvad Suri; and Sunil Mehra. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
2020 Understanding the three As (Awareness, Access, and Acceptability) dimensions of vaccine hesitancy in Odisha, India. Shantanu Sharma; Faiyaz Akhtar; Rajesh Kumar Singh; and Sunil Mehra. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health
2020 Validation of Health Education Material for Youth: A Step to Ensure Implementation Fidelity in Community-Based Interventions. Shantanu Sharma; Faiyaz Akhtar; Rajesh Kumar Singh; and Sunil Mehra. Healthcare
2019 Active versus passive case finding for tuberculosis in marginalised and vulnerable populations in India: comparison of treatment outcomes. Hemant Deepak Shewade, Vivek Gupta, Srinath Satyanarayana, Sunil Kumar, Prabhat Pandey, U. N. Bajpai, Jaya Prasad Tripathy, Soundappan Kathirvel, Sripriya Pandurangan, Subrat Mohanty, Vaibhav Haribhau...Read More Global Health Action
2019 Are we missing ‘previously treated’ smear-positive pulmonary tuberculosis under programme settings in India? A cross-sectional study Hemant Deepak Shewade; Vivek Gupta; Srinath Satyanarayana; Atul Kharate; Lakshmi Murali; Madhav Deshpande; Naresh Kumar; Prabhat Pandey; U N Bajpai; Jaya Prasad Tripathy; F1000Research
2019 Association of mood disorder and modifiable life-style risk factors in medical students: a cross-sectional study Reena Titoria; Anu Mohandas; and Garima Gupta. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences
2019 Identification of undernutrition in under five children: Z score or a composite index of anthropometric failure? Reena Titoria; Prabhu Ponnusamy; and Sunil Mehra. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health
2019 Patient characteristics, health seeking and delays among new sputum smear positive TB patients identified through active case finding when compared to passive case finding in India Hemant Deepak Shewade; Vivek Gupta; Srinath Satyanarayana; Prabhat Pandey; U. N. Bajpai; Jaya Prasad Tripathy; Soundappan Kathirvel; Sripriya Pandurangan; Subrat Mohanty; Vaibhav Haribhau Ghule; Karuna...Read More Plos One
2019 Planning & Designing Reproductive Health Intervention Framework for Young Married Couples in India: Using Systematic Review. Jagannath Behera; Sunil Mehra; Sumitra Dhal Samanta; and Anjum Shaheen. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
2019 Relationships between nutrition-related knowledge, attitude, and self-efficacy among adolescents: A community-based survey. Shantanu Sharma; Faiyaz Akhtar; Rajesh Kumar Singh; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of family medicine and primary care
2019 The political, research, programmatic, and social responses to adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights in the 25 years since the International Conference on Population and Development. Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli; B Jane Ferguson; Marina Plesons; Mandira Paul; Satvika Chalasani; Avni Amin; Christina Pallitto; Marni Sommers; Ruben Avilae; Kalisito Va Eceéce Biaukula; Scheherazade Husain;...Read More Journal of Adolescent Health
2019 Utilization of Maternal and Child Care and its Associated Factors: A Comparative Study with Nonschedule Caste in North India Prabhu Ponnusamy; and C Ramanujam. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research
2018 A Brief on the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health. Sunil Mehra. Participant Module Hindi Shimla in side ctc
2018 Active case finding among marginalised and vulnerable populations reduces catastrophic costs due to tuberculosis diagnosis. Hemant Deepak Shewade; Vivek Gupta; Srinath Satyanarayana; Atul Kharate; K.N. Sahai; Lakshmi Murali; Sanjeev Kamble; Madhav Deshpande; Naresh Kumar; Sunil Kumar; Prabhat Pandey; U.N. Bajpai;...Read More Global health action
2018 Assessment of Training and Capacity Building of Health Care Providers on Providing Quality Health Care Services with Special Focus on Pre-Conception Care: A Study in Rural India Simi Khan; Sumitra Dhal Samanta; Jagannath Behera; N Sethi; S Bhardwaj; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of Womens Health, Issues and Care
2018 Effectiveness of a community based intervention to delay early marriage, early pregnancy and improve school retention among adolescents in India. Devika Mehra; Archana Sarkar; Priyanka Sreenath; Jagannath Behera; and Sunil Mehra. BMC Public Health
2018 Effectiveness of community intervention program to improve maternal healthcare services uptake among young married women in rural India. Pankhuri Sharma; Rachana Patel; Jagannath Behera; Sumitra Dhal Samanta; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of Women’s Health Care
2018 Family-centric safe motherhood approach for marginalized young married couples in rural India. Sumitra Dhal Samanta; Gulnoza Usmanova; Anjum Shaheen; Murari Chandra; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
2018 HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis medication for adolescents and young adults: a position paper of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine. Adam Leonard; M. Brett Cooper; Errol L. Fields; Nicholas Chadi; Diane Santa Maria; Pierre-Paul Tellier; Sunil Mehra; and Renata Arrington-Sanders. Journal of Adolescent Health
2018 How can collective action between government sectors to prevent child marriage be operationalized? Evidence from a post-hoc evaluation of an intervention in Jamui, Bihar and Sawai Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli; Marina Plesons; Alka Barua; Priyanka Sreenath; and Sunil Mehra. Reproductive health
2018 Investing in our adolescents: Assertions of the 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health. Sunil Mehra; Shailaja Daral; and Shantanu Sharma. Journal of Adolescent Health
2018 Is it Feasible to Use an Oral-Fluid Based Rapid Test Facilitated by Frontline Workers to Improve HIV Screening of Pregnant Women in Indian Rural Settings? Pankhuri Sharma; Simi Khan; Jagannath Behera; Archana Sarkar; Sunil Mehra; and Poonam Verma Shivkumar. HIV: Current Research
2018 Is Mother’s Education or Household Poverty a Better Predictor for Girl’s School Dropout? Evidence from Aggregated Community Effects in Rural India. Rachana Patel; Ajay K. Singh; Murari Chandra; Tina Khanna; and Sunil Mehra. Education Research International
2018 Outdoor Air Pollution and Adolescent: Upcoming Public Health Issue. Sunil Mehra; Gulnoza Usmanova; and Jagannath Behera. Indian Journal of Youth & Adolescent Health
2018 Rationale & design of the PROMISES study: a prospective assessment and validation study of salivary progesterone as a test for preterm birth in pregnant women from rural India. Pankhuri Sharma; Simi Khan; Mohan Ghule; V. B. Shivkumar; Ritu Dargan; Paul T. Seed; Archana Sarkar; Sunil Mehra; Poonam Varma Shivkumar; and Rachel M. Tribe. Reproductive health
2018 Why ethnicity and gender matters for fertility intention among married young people: a baseline evaluation from a gender transformative intervention in rural India. Tina Khanna; Murari Chandra; Ajay Singh; and Sunil Mehra. Reproductive health
2017 Data collection using open access technology in multicentre operational research involving patient interviews Hemant Deepak Shewade; Sarabjit Sing Chadha; Vivek Gupta; Jaya Prasad Tripathy; Srinath Satyanarayana; Karuna D. Sagili; Subrat Mohanty; Om Prakash Bera; Prabhat Pandey; P Rajeswaran;...Read More Public Health Action
2017 Identifying gaps in the continuum of care for hypertension and diabetes in two Indian communities Rose Gabert; Marie Ng; Ruchi Sogarwal; Miranda Bryant; R. V. Deepu; Claire R. McNellan; Sunil Mehra; Bryan Phillips; Marissa Reitsma; Blake Thomson; Shelley Wilson; Alexandra...Read More BMC Health Services Research
2017 Pragmatic barriers for delay in access to HCV testing services: Perspective of People with Injecting Drugs and living with HIV. Varada Jayant Madge; Ruchi Sogarwal; and Sunil Mehra. Social Medicine
2017 Review of HIV Interventions among young and adolescents key populations in low to middle income countries. Devika Mehra; Tina Khanna; Jagannath Behera; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of AIDS and Clinical Research
2017 Sexual behavior of left behind wife and potential migrant in India. Anjum Shaheen; Sunil Mehra; Vandana Nair; Rajesh Ranjan Singh; and Suchismita Roy. International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences
2016 Addressing the growing burden of non–communicable disease by leveraging lessons from infectious disease management. Peter Piot; Aya Caldwell; Peter Lamptey; Moffat Nyrirenda; Sunil Mehra; Kathy Cahill; and Ann Aerts. Journal of global health
2016 Encouraging Young Married Women (15-24 Years) to Improve Intra-Spousal Communication and Contraceptive Usage through Community Based Intervention Package in Rural India. Jagannath Behera; Archana Sarkar; Sunil Mehra; Pankhuri Sharma; and Surendra Kumar Mishra Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception
2016 Feasibility of supervised self-testing using an oral fluid-based HIV rapid testing method: a cross-sectional, mixed method study among pregnant women in rural India. Archana Sarkar; Gitau Mburu; Poonam Varma Shivkumar; Pankhuri Sharma; Fiona Campbell; Jagannath Behera; Ritu Dargan; Surendra Kumar Mishra; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of the International AIDS Society
2016 Predisposing, enabling, and need factors associated with utilization of HCV testing services among PWID in two settings in India. Ruchi Sogarwal; Varada Madge; Pratyush Bishi; Apam Woleng; and Rishi Garg. Hepatology, Medicine and Policy
2016 Tapping the Untapped: Huge Potential to Increase Family Planning Users in India Lopamudra Paul; Subrato K Mondal; Geeta Nanda; Kara E. Tureski; Ajay K Singh; and Tara Sharma. Social Sciences
2016 The Importance of Husbands’ Engagement in Family Planning Discussion to Promote Contraception Use for Birth Spacing in Rural India. Balaiah Donta; Saritha Nair; Niranjan Saggurti; Mohan Ghule; Madhusudana Battala; Anindita Dasgupta; Velhal Gajanan; Jay Silverman; Anita Raj; and Saritha Nair. Asia-Pacific Population Journal
2015 Approaches to Address NCD among PLHIV in Low and Middle Income Counties Ruchi Sogarwal; and Sunil Mehra. Journal of AIDS and Clinical Research
2015 Community based reproductive health interventions for young married couples in resource-constrained settings: a systematic review. Archana Sarkar; Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli; Kushal Jain; Jagannath Behera; Surendra Kumar Mishra; and Sunil Mehra. BMC Public Health
2014 Arogya Kiran model for early detection of diabetes and hypertension: an initiative for the community and by the community in India Ruchi Sogarwal; and Sunil Mehra. BMC Health Services Research
2014 Policies and priorities to combat NCD challenges in India Ruchi Sogarwal; and Damodar Bachani. BMC Health Services Research
2014 Pretreatment Loss-to-Follow-Up after HIV Diagnosis from 27 Counseling and Testing Centers across India: Findings from a Cohort Study Avina Sarna; Mary Sebastian; Damodar Bachani; Ruchi Sogarwal; and Madhusudana Battala. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (JIAPAC)
2014 Youth Friends’ Clinic at Tigri slum, Delhi: A Perspective on Service Utilization of Youths with Special Reference to Sexual and Reproductive Health. Archana Sarkar; Sunil Mehra; Jagannath Behera; Sanjay Kumar Chaubey; and Surendra Kumar Mishra. Indian Journal of Youth and Adolescent Health
2013 Determinants of Youth Friendly Services Influencing Client Satisfaction: A Study of Client’s Perspectives in India Sunil Mehra; Ruchi Sogarwal; Vandana Nair; Mahasweta Satpati; Ramanand Tiwari; and Kaushlendra Dwivedi. Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development
2013 Dietary practices and physical activity performed by adolescent in selected districts of India Damodar Bachani; Ruchi Sogarwal; SK Shukla; Tejal Shelat; and Sanjay Gupta. Indian Journal of Community Health
2013 Integrating adolescent-friendly health services into the public health system: an experience from rural India. Sunil Mehra; Ruchi Sogarwal; and Murari Chandra. WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health
2013 Youth friendly health services and role of outreach activities to improve access to services Ruchi Sogarwal; Murari Chandra; and Sunil Mehra. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine
2009 Female sterilization and ethical issues: The Indian experience. Manas Ranjan Pradhan; and Usha Ram. Social Change
2004 Adolescent Health Determinants for Pregnancy and Child Health Outcomes among the Urban Poor. Sunil Mehra; and Deepti Agrawal. Indian pediatrics
2021 Scoping Review of Intervention Strategies for Improving Coverage and Uptake of Maternal Nutrition Services in Southeast Asia Kauma Kurian, Theophilus Lakiang, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Nishtha Kathuria, Priya Krishnan, Devika Mehra, Sunil Mehra, Shantanu Sharma International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2021 Health Workers’ Perceptions about Maternal and Adolescent Health among Marginalized Populations in India: A Multi-Centric Qualitative Study Sharma, Shantanu, Aditya Bhardwaj, Kanishtha Arora, Faiyaz Akhtar, and Sunil Mehra. Women
2021 A conceptual model and framework of nutrition-sensitive and specific interventions across Life stages in India Shantanu Sharma Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care
2021 Comparing Reproductive Health Awareness, Nutrition, and Hygiene among Early and Late Adolescents from Marginalized Populations of India: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Survey Shantanu Sharma, Faiyaz Akhtar, Rajesh Kumar Singh, and Sunil Mehra Healthcare
2021 A qualitative evaluation of an integrated health and livelihood development project for marginalized communities in India Shantanu Sharma, Faiyaz Akhtar, Rajesh Kumar Singh, and Sunil Mehra Journal of Public Health Research
2021 Differential access to facilities for medical termination of pregnancy and delivery in India: A secondary analysis Shantanu Sharma, Ajit Kumar Jaiswal, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Paramhans Kumar, Sunil Mehra Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health
2021 Early marriage and spousal age difference: predictors of preconception health of young married women in Delhi, India Shantanu Sharma, Faiyaz Akhtar, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Sunil Mehra Journal of Health Research
2021 Association between Maternal Dietary Diversity and Low Birth Weight in Central India: A Case-Control Study Shantanu sharma, Sonali Maheshwari, Sunil Mehra Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism
2021 Income-based inequality in full immunization coverage of children aged 12-23 months in Eastern India: A decomposition analysis Shantanu sharma, Sonali Maheshwari, Ajit Kumar Jaiswal, Sunil Mehra Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health
2021 Generating evidence on screening, diagnosis and management of non-communicable diseases during pregnancy; a scoping review of current gap and practice Theophilus Lakiang, Sonali Abner Daniel, Kauma Kurian C, Minashree Horo, Shumayla Shumayla, Sunil Mehra PLoS ONE
2021 Evaluation of a training program for life skill education and financial literacy to community health workers in India: a quasi-experimental study Shantanu Sharma, Kanishtha Arora, Chandrashekhar, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Faiyaz Akhtar, Sunil Mehra BMC Health Services Research
2022 Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Awareness, Willingness to Use, and Preferred Places for Access Among the Cambodian Female Entertainment Workers: A Cross-Sectional Study Priyanka Rani Garg, Leena Uppal, Kauma Kurian, Tola Heng, Faiyaz Akhtar, Sunil Mehra Springer
2022 Awareness about Human Papillomavirus Vaccine and Its Uptake among Women from North India: Evidence from a Cross-Sectional Study Ataur Rehman, Shobhit Srivastava, Priyanka Rani Garg, Rishi Garg, Kauma Kurian, Shumayla Shumayla, Suresh Kumar Rathi, Sunil Mehra Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
2022 Minimum dietary diversity and associated factors among lactating mothers in Haryana, India: a community based cross-sectional study Shumayla Shumayla, E. M. Irfan, Nishtha Kathuria, Suresh Kumar Rathi, Shobhit Srivastava & Sunil Mehra BMC Pediatrics
2022 Prevalence and Predictors of Cervical Cancer Screening among Reproductive Age Group Women: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Study in Rohtak and Delhi Shobhit Srivastava , Kauma Kurian , Priyanka Rani Garg , Ataur Rehman , Rishi Garg , Suresh Kumar Rathi , Sunil Mehra Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
2022 Outdoor Physical Activity in an Air Polluted Environment and Its Effect on the Cardiovascular System—A Systematic Review Taruna Juneja Gandh ,Priyanka Rani Garg,Kauma Kurian, Jonas Bjurgert ,Sirazul Ameen Sahariah,Sunil Mehra and Gayatri Vishwakarma International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2022 Mental Health Interventions among Adolescents in India: A Scoping Review Devika Mehra, Theophilus Lakiang, Nishtha Kathuria, Manish Kumar, Sunil Mehra, Shantanu Sharma Healthcare (Basel)
2022 Women’s Knowledge on Cervical Cancer Risk Factors and Symptoms: A Cross-Sectional Study from Urban India Priyanka Rani Garg, Shobhit Srivastava, Shumayla Shumayla, Kauma Kurian, Ataur Rehman, Rishi Garg, Suresh Kumar Rathi, Sunil Mehra Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention