Featured Story

Bringing Health and Peace

Swapna Sahariah lives with her husband and four years old daughter in NizDahi village (Baniapara). She is from a very poor family and although she was not listed among our beneficiary as she did not meet the age group criteria, she was a regular participant in the group sessions due to her interest in the activities undertaken in the Project MANCH.

Swapna had been suffering from reproductive tract infections for past three years and it severely affected her health. She found it very irritating and it affected her routine work as well as her sexual life. She did not consult with any doctor as she was very embarrassed to discuss this issue with anyone.

In the course of attending the sessions she got encouraged and shared her experiences and shared her problems with the field coordinator of the project. The field coordinator listened and understood the issue and referred her to the STI/RTI clinic at Mangaldai Civil Hospital.

Swapna was accompanied by the FC to the STI/RTI clinic and there the counsellor discussed the issue and linked her to the required treatment. Swapna was provided free medicine kit for regular use and her HIV test was also conducted in the ICTC and was found non-reactive. She followed the counsellor’s advice and took medicines regularly and also adhered to the prescribed diet. She is now completely cured and is living a happy and healthy life with her family.

“Project MANCH is a blessing for our family; it has not only cured my disease, but also helped us to restore peace in my family”