The inception of COVID19, in India, in the month of March 2020 brought in disturbances in lives of almost every citizen. The threat created by COVID19 is not limited to health alone, it is also acting as a threat for an entire ecosystem of communities in terms of loss of livelihood opportunities, jobs and businesses including a scarcity of nutrition and other essential medicine & health services. The government’s effort to curb this loss has been initiated and is being continued till date. Along with the Government efforts, the non-government organisations (NGOs) also took responsibility and acted in their respective capacities.

And therefore, MAMTA HIMC initiated a dedicated online crowdfunding campaign. It is a well-coordinated and multi-pronged community care and support system that has been planned and put in place to utilise the advances of the crowdfunding campaign. Under the campaign, consideration was given communities residing in low resource settings living in vulnerable situations.

For further information, please go through our quarterly report below .